Volunteer Role Name: Adolescent Coaches

Volunter Role Description:

  • Looking for 6 adolescent coaches who can journey with adolescents through the programme duration of 4 years, on weekday afternoons.

    Thrice a month, 4hrs each time, minimum 1 year commitment. Volunteers will be working in pairs.

    Roles include:
    • To engage and coach adolescents as part of a new programme
    • To support in the facilitation and provide guidance to adolescents during session activities
    • To co-lead/ lead session introductory activities
    • To assist in the setting up and packing of logistics before and after each session
    • To provide timely updates and feedback on the adolescents under their coaching to the staff team
    • To participate in quarterly outings with adolescents and/or their family

    For potential volunteers with a background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics),
    • To support in the designing of topic-specific activities to enhance adolescents’ learning


Volunteer Specifications:

  • Good engagement skills; ability to engage adolescents, age 13 to 16

  • Adequate level of maturity; above 20 years’ old

  • Ability to conduct oneself and be a good role model

  • Positive worldview of adolescents & families from lower SES – ability to appreciate their strengths and challenges

  • Passionate, accountable and committed to journeying with adolescents

  • A background in STEM would be an advantage


No. of Volunteers Needed:

  • 6


Volunteer Site:

  • North Area of Singapore (Woodlands, Yishun, Ang Mo Kio)



  • Weekdays

  • Volunteer training tentatively in Mar 2020



  • Mar 2020 onwards


Time Shift:

  • 4 hours per session   


Contact Person:


Commitment Level:

  • Regular (> 3 months)


Volunteer Role Type:

  • Befriending & Mentoring


Registration Closing Date:

  • 31 Dec 2020