CARE Acts Initiative

In challenging moments when we see people with needs, we at Care Corner want to look beyond ourselves and see how we can be a blessing to the community we are in

And we welcome you to join us.


Care Packs

Cleaning and Disinfecting Seniors' Homes

Care & Support Packs for LOA/SHN/QO


Food Bank

Supporting Food Bank

Food Bank serves 360 beneficiary centres supporting close to 200,000 beneficiaries.


We are thankful that many of you had volunteered to support Food Bank! We received a total of 80 volunteers who wanted to support Food Bank's warehouse packing initiatives.


Presently, we are encouraging people to donate to Food Bank, as their warehouse is empty due to a drop in food donations, and they have partnered local food vendors to prepare cooked food for families and seniors in need.

Nationwide, food donations have also fallen...

Food Bank has reported a 70% decrease in Food Donations

Please donate food and support the 200,000 beneficiaries of Food Bank. An act of generosity can be someone's meal for a week!

You can find conveniently located Food Donation Boxes through this link

Alternatively, you can choose to donate via

If you are wish to donate large quantities of food, please reach out to us at and we will link you up with Food Bank!

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