CARE Acts Initiative

In challenging moments when we see people with needs, we at Care Corner want to look beyond ourselves and see how we can be a blessing to the community we are in

And we welcome you to join us.


Care Packs

Cleaning and Disinfecting Seniors' Homes

Care & Support Packs for LOA/SHN/QO


Food Bank

Cleaning and Disinfecting Seniors' Homes

A clean environment is important to prevent the onset and transmission of diseases.

We had planned to clean seniors homes at the same time as the giving out of the Care Packs. At the same time, we were also looking for volunteers to do routine upkeep of the seniors' homes!

​However, we had not been able to engage in cleaning the flats for seniors due to CoVID regulations and we review how we will be supporting these seniors when CB ends, and keep those who have volunteered updated too!