CARE Acts Initiative

In challenging moments when we see people with needs, we at Care Corner want to look beyond ourselves and see how we can be a blessing to the community we are in

And we welcome you to join us.


Care Packs

Cleaning and Disinfecting Seniors' Homes

Care & Support Packs for LOA/SHN/QO


Food Bank

Care & Support Packs for LOA/SHN/QO

Being on Leave of Absence (LOA)/ Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) or Quarantine Order (QO) requires a person to remain in their residence for 14 days.

In these 14 days, they may need food and essential items, and getting these items can be especially challenging for families facing financial challenges and seniors staying alone.

We had encountered CoVID-related restrictions and regulations. Looking at the present situation, this service is no longer relevant. However, there are still many services out there requiring grocery runs and distribution of necessities. Do keep a lookout for these opportunities to help out!