Volunteer Role Name: Befrienders (SAC TP)

Volunteer Role Description:

  • Opportunity to engage seniors via face-to-face interaction every fortnight or once a month to prevent social isolation, monitor senior's well-being, and provide socioemotional support.


Volunteer Specifications:

Volunteer Demographics

  • Preferably 21 years old and above (Students, Working Adults/ Retired Adults)

  • No specific gender


  • Able to converse well with seniors in English/Mandarin.

  • Knowledge of dialects will be good - Malay or Tamil speaking volunteers can engage minority seniors.

  • Experience in Befriending is ideal, but not necessary.

  • Be patient, polite, and sensitive to the needs of seniors, and be able to discern the right and appropriate conversation topics.

  • Good organization skills - able to complete online feedback form within 24 hours after engagement with senior.

  • Responsible and accountable for the tasks assigned.

Other Requirements

  • Strict adherence to: 1m social distance, put on masks during engagement and sanitize hand before and after engagement.

  • Engagement to be less than 60min according to AIC advisory dated 7 Sep 2020.


No. of Volunteers Needed:

  • 10


Volunteer Site:

  • Toa Payoh (Block 5, 62B, 106, 149, 170)



  • Weekday/Weekend



  • 30 Oct 2020 to 31 March 2021


Contact Person:


Commitment Level:

  • Regular (> 3 months)


Volunteer Role Type:

  • Befriending & Mentoring 


Registration Closing Date:

  • 31 Mar 2021